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Valuation & Reconciliation Services

Valuation & Reconciliation Services

Customs valuation law is extremely complex. This area of customs management requires unique skills and experience to design and manage effective entry and post entry customs value reporting and reconciliation processes and systems. FOCUS helps clients design, implement, and manage effective customs value reporting and reconciliation processes and systems.

Traditionally, valuation reviews by Customs Authorities uncover areas of valuation reporting non-compliance resulting in payments of additional duties for un-reported value adjustments that occurred before or after importation. Reportable customs value adjustments can include, where not included in the piece price and declared value of imported goods, such things:

  • Packing costs
  • Selling commissions
  • Assists
  • Royalties
  • Proceeds of a subsequent resale
  • Other indirect payments

FOCUS can help you identify assists and other valuation issues that affect the dutiable value of your imports. We help clients design, implement, and manage the entire customs value reporting program to meet their compliance obligations.

If you need assistance with your valuation and reconciliation program management and compliance, call FOCUS at 313-292-7000 ext. 291 or email at info@focus-solutions.net.

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