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NAFTA Refunds (USA and Canada)

NAFTA Refunds Services (USA and Canada)

Even though NAFTA has been in place since 1994 many companies still pay duty on goods crossing into United States and Canada from another NAFTA country. There are typically several key reasons why this is happening, including:

  • Some companies do not "actively" monitor their duty spend from NAFTA countries and find out later they paid duty that could have been avoided.
  • Suppliers do not respond timely to customers requests for NAFTA certificates of origin so duty is properly paid at entry by the broker without a certificate on file.
  • Suppliers and affiliated companies do not have the resources, knowledge, or systems to supply NAFTA certificates of origin timely (if at all) in advance of shipment to support duty free entry.

FOCUS actively manages the NAFTA supplier soliciation process together with the expected and actual duty spend for our clients and immediately files claims for NAFTA refunds in the United States and Canada, where possible.

If you have a need for assistance in identifying duty you have overpaid and would like to obtain duty refunds in the United States or Canada call FOCUS at 313-292-7000 ext. 291 or email at info@focus-solutions.net.

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