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NAFTA & Other FTA Origin Determinations

NAFTA & Other FTA Origin Determination Services

When you need to qualify your products for an FTA program (e.g. NAFTA, US/AUSTRALIA, EU/MEXICO, GSP, AALA, etc.), FOCUS can help. We work with your finance, procurement, sourcing, information technology (IT), and other team members to develop an easy to manage information process to qualify your products for the desired FTA programs.

Our NAFTA & other FTA origin calculation system is designed to electronically accept bill of material (BOM) information via FTP file transfers. Our system calculations origin eligibility and produces the necessary documents for your signature and sharing with your customers and brokers electronically.

The FOCUS team of NAFTA and other FTA Professionals has been working all aspects of many bilateral and multilateral trade agreements for the past 25 years. This experience has benefited our clients by helping save them millions of dollars annually while meeting their NAFTA & Other FTA compliance and customer reporting obligations.

If You have need assistance determining origin and meeting your customers NAFTA & Other FTA Determination demands for content information call FOCUS at 313-292-7000 ext. 291 or email at info@focus-solutions.net.

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