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FOCUS Staffing Solutions

FOCUS Staffing Solutions

In today’s economy it’s more important than ever to find cost savings measures that still allow you to meet your risk management obligations and take advantage of duty and tax savings. In these challenging times everyone is facing an environment of:

  • Increasing staff and infrastructure cuts
  • Constant cost savings pressures
  • Heightened governmental border security measures
  • Continued reality of Customs reviews and audits

Experienced managers know control of the import and export function requires:

  • Broad depth of experience with all available duty and tax savings programs
  • Clear understanding of changing laws, regulations, government protocols
  • Extensive working knowledge of supply chain and industry best practices
  • Skilled management and monitoring of compliance and risks

Cost conscious companies have set the trend. By hiring FOCUS to pro-actively staff their import and export responsibilities, they have been able to:

  • Maintain skilled resources
  • Save duties and taxes
  • Manage risks and improve compliance capabilities
  • Strengthen relationships with customers and government authorities

If you have customs staffing needs, call FOCUS at 313-292-7000 ext. 291 or email info@focus-solutions.net.

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