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Audits & Origin Verifications

Audits & Origin Verification Services

FOCUS has experienced customs professionals who have had direct responsibility for customs compliance at large multi-national corporations and as a result have direct experience preparing for and managing customs audits from the company's point of view. In addition, we have employees with past work experiences as Customs Auditors and/or at brokerages. These experiences help us to successfully navigate your company's specific needs while accounting for the customs and brokers' perspective as well.

Our unique combination of skills and experiences allows FOCUS to bring the right resources to a client situation to effectively prepare for and/or manage a customs audit or origin verification.

FOCUS audits and origin verification services includes:

  • Developing pre-audit and audit work plans
  • Conducting pre-audit compliance assessments and risk areas
  • Completing prior disclosures or post entry adjustments, as applicable
  • Sharing information with outside legal counsel (if necessary)
  • Interviewing key employees with knowledge of transactions and processes
  • Documenting audit trails and files for submission and back-ups
  • Managing interaction and information flows with government auditors
  • Developing compliance improvement plans
  • Implementing compliance and operational changes needed to remedy issues/problems identified

If you need expert assistance preparing for or managing a customs audit or origin verification review, call FOCUS at 313-292-7000 ext. 291 or email at info@focus-solutions.net.

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